The Jolie Pitts

The Jolie Pitts

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebrity adoptions, a Trend or a Mission?

There is something slightly unsettling about celebrity anything.
Their whole existence is built on the projection of an image. As a result they tend to be about setting and following trends. Remember when Madonna started studying Kabbalah and became Esther? As Bruno would have said: Ahhh, dat iz soooo 2006! Do you remember that she inspired Britney Spears to take up classes, and her friends Ashton and Demi? When was the last time we heard about Kabbalah and these guys?

How do we know that current celebrity adoption trends aren't just going to fade away like the clothes they wear, the way they cut their hair, or even the person they're in a relationship with?

I guess time will tell if in the coming years international celebrity adoptions remain "in" or "out..."

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