The Jolie Pitts

The Jolie Pitts

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is Marriage Good For Your Health?

I marriage good for your health??? Apparently it is. I decided to comment on this article in response to a previous post on the single mother who adopted four children.

She was single by choice. I found it hard to understand why she was allowed to form a family without an essential part of the family, the father, by choice.

This article on marriage and longevity seem to prove my concerns. A comparison between single and married people revealed that married people live longer and healthier lives than single people. The article also points to the fact that the key to health is not the institution of marriage itself as much as it is a function of being in a working relationship.

I can't but wonder how the single mother would have been doing if she had a partner to help her through her struggles.

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